program Film programme A / Still Going Strong

14 December 2013

(NL/EN) Lumière Cinema Maastricht /

Still Going Strong Film programme A
Be surprised by a series of short dance films selected by Lumière Maastricht and Cinedans! Surprising, poetic, anarchistic, confusing… Fasten your seatbelts…You will only be able to conclude one thing after watching this film programme: Dancing is part of being human, however old you are.

Time: 18:00 hrs - 19:15 hrs
Language: English / Dutch (English subtitle)
Activity: Film

Promise of Fallen Time
Regie: Isabel Rocamora | ES/UK | 2009| 19’
There has been a disaster. A woman journeys to survive -- a man awaits death. Through the mature bodies of the protagonists Promise of Fallen Time considers our dread to lose: a partner, our faculties, life. The film is an apocalyptic gestural post-love story which uses body, image and fiction to look at the fragile margin between being and extinction.

Regie: Douglas Rosenberg / Choreography: Sally Gross | US |2013 | 15’
Circling is a meditation on place, the passing of time and the cyclical nature of life. Featuring renowned choreographer/dancer Sally Gross and shot at locations including architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin.
Circling is a poetic rendering of what it means to be deeply at home in both the landscape and the dancing body.

Felures (Cracks)
Regie & Animation: Nicolas Paulowski, Alexis Ducord | FR | 2009 | 9’
A man nurtures his plant with love. Every night he observes the plant’s shadow on the wall and dreams of an impossible love. A growing crack in the light bulb changes his daydreams into a nightmare …

Of The Heart
Regie: Douglas Rosenberg, Allen Kaeja 
/ Choreography&dance: David Dorfman & Lisa Race |US | 2008 | 7’

Of The Heart is a tender and moving duet for the camera that slowly unfolds in a windblown field in late fall. The film speaks of longing and desire and is a richly metaphoric movement portrait. The performance by Dorfman and Race is heartfelt and honest, stripped to its emotional core.

Tango Octogenario
Regie: David Licata  | US | 2003 | 7’
Tango Octogenario is a short narrative film about an elderly couple's unique way of reconnecting to each other. From its use of nonactors to its Hollywood lighting, from its opening shot on New York City's Lower East Side to its primary setting inside a ghostly ballroom, Tango Octogenario tells its story in a manner that treads the line between grim reality and fairy tale.

Deep End Dance
Regie: Conor Horgan | IE | 2010 | 6’ | Special Jury Prize 2011
A fully dressed man is pushed into a swimming pool by his mother. He brushes himself off and starts dancing underwater, always aware that she’s watching. After a while she joins him, and they play out the story of their relationship through the underwater dance.