Artists, both young and old, swam in the Mediterranean Sea together with the elderly community of Cyprus, in elderly homes choreographers talked and worked with the inhabitants, the dance floor was shared in ballroom classes, performances were made with both professional and amateur dancers of all ages and throughout the project a lively dialogue elicited between artists, academics in the field of care taking and policy making and audiences. Encounters between different generations, between science and art, between experts of ageing and older people themselves not only created awareness on the topic, but also shifted the perception of the elderly body, bringing about a joyful experience and a deepened knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the older body.

On this website, insight is given in some of the dialogues and the shifts of perception by the texts and the films made during the project.

‘The older person is not frail, except at certain crucial and often personal moments.’
Kim Putters, director Dutch Institute for Social Research (SCP) at the opening of Act Your Age Festival.