2 years, 3 partners, 3 research weeks, 3 residency months, 9 participating choreographers, 26 artistic contributors, 9 created performances, 3 satellite partners, 3 festival days, 57 lectures, workshops and discussions, 7800 audience members, countless shared thoughts, enlightened moments and unforgettable encounters. 

Act Your Age was an initiative of the Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Italy), Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus) and the Nederlandse Dansdagen (The Netherlands). Artistic directors Roberto Cassarotto, Peggy Olislaegers and Natasa Giourgiou worked together in several project before they initiated Act Your Age. They wanted to create an intergenerational dialogue and raise awareness of the value of such a dialogue. They wanted to produce performances in which the elderly body was presented on stage. They wanted to generate ideas on how to deal with challenges societies are facing. Most of all, they wanted to undermine the onedimensional image of either the fragile older person or the happy pensioner, by creating a diversity of images. You might say they wanted to emancipate the concept of aging by stating the obvious: aging is a topic that concerns us all. 

Nederlandse Dansdagen is the coordinator of the project, the other partners are co-organisers. For more information about the partners, see here.